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Get Involved

Women standing in a line and laughing

Do you want to learn more about the climate crisis in an accessible, supportive, and non-judgy environment? Are you ready to participate in a free, fun, online, team-based, educational experience created for and led by women? If so, you should take the course!

Looking to get involved in your community? Here are a few ways you can help:

Lead the party

Team Leads

Are you a social butterfly? A party starter? Someone who just enjoys gathering others for thoughtful discussions? This might be the role for you! Invite five or more friends, family, or colleagues to join the experience with you. Together, you’ll get a great understanding of what’s happening, what needs to happen, and how you can talk about climate and take action.

As team lead, your job is to:

  • Gather your team
  • Share what you’re learning on your social platforms
  • Chat with your friends and family about the things you’ve discovered

That’s it! No expertise required.

Spread the word

Celebrities, influencers, media

Do you believe it's important for women to speak confidently about climate change? Do you want to be known as an early supporter of a dynamic, women-centred initiative? Do you have an audience, a voice, or a platform that can shine a light on this important project?

As a celebrity or influencer, you can support TCTM by:

  • Taking part in this program and modelling what talking climate looks like
  • Asking members of your audience to attend the program (along with you or independently) and to share their experiences via social media
  • Lending your image and/or voice in support of our program
  • Using your voice and your influence to promote this important initiative by liking, sharing, and commenting on our social media posts

Want to connect + tell amazing stories?

Partner with us

Supporters, donors, partners

Would your organization like to provide feedback on the TCTM program? Do you have materials, resources or connections that could help us ensure a meaningful experience? Are you interested in providing financial support to help us keep this important initiative alive?

As a partner organization, you can support TCTM by:

  • Registering your organization as a team, take part in the initial runs of this program, and provide feedback
  • Presenting at a supplementary session and/or providing materials/stories/resources to ensure we include different perspectives
  • Share this important initiative in your organization’s newsletter, follow our TCTM social media accounts, and engage with our TCTM social media posts (FYI...our intention is to acknowledge, celebrate, and share what you do too!)

Join an inspired conversation.