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About You

You enjoy gathering with others for thoughtful discussion, respectful sharing and collaboration in service of the greater good. You are a good communicator and a great listener. You DO NOT need to be a climate change expert, you just need to have a genuine interest in people and helping them become part of the climate solution. For this role, some experience with outreach and light networking would be an asset.

About the Role

Employment Type:

  • Volunteer


  • Must be able to attend 4-5 sessions:
    • two 60-minute training sessions,
    • three 90-minute TCTM course sessions
  • In addition, some outreach is required before and between classes (no more than 1 hour/ week)
  • Time commitment is approximately 12 hours total

Anticipated start date:

  • March 6, 2023

Session Dates

Must be able to attend ONE of the following sets of sessions:

Monday Evening Sessions (8:00 pm EDT to 9:30 pm EDT):
Training sessions - March 6th & 20th
Course sessions - April 3rd, 10th & 17th

Tuesday Lunch Sessions (12:00 pm EDT to 1:30 pm EDT):
Training sessions - March 7th & 21st
Course sessions - April 4th, 11th & 18th


  • Remote (Please note: the Talk Climate to Me course is developed for a Canadian audience. However applicants from outside of Canada are welcome.)

What is Talk Climate to Me:

Talk Climate to Me is a fun, free, unscary, online, team-based climate education experience for women in Canada! It is a space for women* who want to learn more about the climate crisis in an accessible, supportive and non-judgy environment. TCTM is all about creating a friendly and fun space in which to learn about this wildly important issue. Each session is made up of multiple teams with their own Team Lead. Team Leads will facilitate discussion during break-out times and provide support outside of course sessions. This is where you come in…

The Team Lead Role

As a Team Lead, you will play an essential role in the TCTM experience. You will be a point of contact, a support and guide for your team as they navigate through the (sometimes scary) topic of climate change. Team Leads will help with recruitment and communication outside of sessions, and facilitate discussion during sessions. Don’t worry, no climate expertise is required! All you need is an eagerness to learn about the climate crisis and share that experience with others. In this role, you will have the opportunity to hone your facilitation skills, expand your network with other veteran and emerging climate leaders, build up your climate-related work experience, and make a meaningful contribution towards reversing climate change.

Let Katie tell you all about being a Team Lead!

Key Responsibilities:

As a Team Lead, you will have three main responsibilities:

  1. Recruit your team
    Reach out to your network and invite them to join your team! In the first training course we will provide resources and advice on outreach strategies for team gathering. We hope that each Team Lead can invite five (or more!) of their friends, family, or colleagues to join the experience.
  2. Facilitate discussions
    Each TCTM session consists of two 90-minute episodes and one follow-up sharing session. For the first 60 minutes of each episode, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy learning alongside your team members. For the final 30 minutes, you and your team will be sent to a break-out room. Here you will ask questions, facilitate discussion and foster a comfortable and positive space for your group to share about climate change.
  3. Provide support and additional materials
    You will also be the point of contact for your team members outside of TCTM sessions. You will be responsible for emailing reminders to team members before each class, and following up with additional resources after sessions (we will provide you with all the email templates and resources you will need!)

All Team Leads will be required to attend two training sessions in March. These sessions will provide you with guidance and resources for recruitment, facilitation, and talking climate!

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About Us

Project Neutral is a project on MakeWay’s shared platform, and is an environmental initiative that exists to help Ontarians measure their household carbon footprints. Our mission is to help people start their journeys toward low-carbon lifestyles. We do this through a blend of data-driven insights, respectful dialogue and friendly encouragement. In addition, we offer various online workshops, including Talk Climate to Me, a climate education experience for women!
MakeWay is a national charity and public foundation with a goal to enable nature and communities to thrive together. We do this by building partnerships, providing solutions, grants, and services for the charitable sector across the country.

More Questions?

If you have any additional questions about this role or the Talk Climate to Me program, please reach out to us at

* We recognize that gender is not a binary and our use of ‘women’ is open and inclusive of trans women, Two Spirit people, non-binary people and gender minorities.