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Women are more worried yet less certain about the facts of climate change. This uncertainty comes at a cost. Women want to make the choices that will protect their future and the future of their loved ones but aren't being given the climate information to do so. Climate coverage in women-friendly media outlets is next to nil. This needs to change!

Talk Climate to Me is a fun, free, unscary, online, team-based climate education experience for women in Canada. Through training sessions, outreach materials, and digital tools, we will educate a strong and diverse force of climate leaders who will be armed with the climate awareness and behaviour change tools necessary to speak confidently and inspire change in their homes and communities!

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The course itself is not your typical lecture. The program will include:

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Three highly participatory webinars

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Ongoing live chats

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A website with shareable resources, toolkits, & video explainers

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And much more!

Course Overview

Climate Facts & Feelings

Episode 1: Climate Facts & Feelings

We start out with the very basics of the climate crisis: The planet is warming, it’s caused by humans, and it’s bad…but we can fix it! We take a look at the current and future impacts of climate change, and see how vulnerable communities are hit hardest by these impacts. Then, we imagine the possibilities of a flourishing, ‘climate-safe’ future for everyone. What do we need to do to get there? We unpack how we, on an individual level, can take climate action and make life…better! (Hint: talking climate is key!)

Learning Goals:

  • Foundational climate literacy
  • Understanding of climate impacts and inequity
  • Imagine yourself in a climate-safe future
Making Change

Episode 2: Making Change

So, we’ve talked about climate change on a global scale, but what needs to change here in Canada? We look at how Canada ranks compared with the rest of the world, where Canadian emissions come from, and how we can reduce those emissions. This episode is all about solutions! We focus on exactly what needs to change, and how we can make that change. Be inspired to push for systems level change by creating ripples through talking and taking action!

Learning Goals:

  • Understanding emissions by sector in Canada
  • A low-carbon future in Canada is both possible and desirable
  • Tangible climate solutions: what exactly needs to change, and how can we make change
Finding my Climate Thing

Episode 3: Finding my Climate Thing

You know the climate basics, you understand the solutions…now what? In this final session, turn your newfound climate knowledge into action! There are so many ways to get involved in climate solutions, sometimes we don’t know where to start. This practical workshop will help you figure out how to contribute your particular talents and joys to the climate movement.

Learning Goals:

  • Reflect on what’s changed for you since beginning the course
  • Develop a Climate Venn Diagram tailored to your interests
  • Feel empowered to act!

Got Questions?

What is TCTM?

Talk Climate to Me is a fun, free, unscary, online, team-based climate education experience for women in Canada.

Who is TCTM for?

Talk Climate to Me is for women* who want to learn more about the climate crisis in an accessible, supportive and non-judgy environment.

*Our use of ‘women’ is open and inclusive of trans, non-binary, and gender-not-conforming people and their supporters.

When is TCTM taking place?

Talk Climate to Me is held twice a year in the Spring and Fall. You can see if our dates or announced or join the waitlist!

Where is TCTM taking place?

Talk Climate to Me is being held online - yay! No need to leave your home!

How long will it take?

Each program runs for 3 weeks.

Each week includes a 60-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute group discussion for a total of 1.5 hours of action-packed learning.

How can I participate in the program?

Want to join the TCTM experience? Awesome! You can take the course as either a participant or team lead and you can get our newsletter. Need something specific? Reach out to us at

What is a Team Lead?

A Team Lead is both a participant of TCTM and someone interested in gathering a group of friends, family, or colleagues to share in the experience.

Are you a social butterfly? A party starter? Someone who just enjoys gathering others for thoughtful discussions? You might just be a Team Lead!

How can I become a Team Lead?

We love Team Leads, so thanks for asking!

Invite five or more of your friends, family, or colleagues to join the experience with you. Together, you’ll get a great understanding of what’s happening, what needs to happen, and how you can talk about climate and take action.

As team lead, your job is to:

  1. Gather your team
  2. Share what you’re learning on your social platforms
  3. Chat with your friends and family about the things you’ve discovered

That’s it! No expertise required. Contact to get started.

(No team? Connect with us and we’ll match you with a team that needs a leader.)

I can’t attend the first session. Is there still an opportunity to participate?

You’re in luck! We usually offer multiple sessions so if you can't make one there is another time available.

I can’t attend all the dates for the course. Can I still enroll?

Absolutely! We’ll make sure each week is recorded so if you happen to miss a week, you can catch up.

I live outside Canada, can I still participate?

Definitely! While some of our examples are localized, everyone (like everyone on Earth!) needs to understand climate change so even if you live far, far away you should take the course!

How can I support the TCTM initiative?

We are a new and scrappy climate action initiative, so we need all the support we can get!

Whether it’s lending your expertise, sharing our story, or providing funds to ensure the longevity of this program, it will take a village to give Talk Climate to Me wings.

We need a village of:

  • Community + Workplace Team Leads
  • Academics + Researchers
  • Businesses + Community Partners
  • Media Partners
  • Celebrities + Social Media Influencers
  • Program Sponsors

Still have questions? Contact for more information.

Who is behind this?

Talk Climate to Me is powered by Project Neutral, a climate education charity, with the support of Energy and Climate Change Canada.

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To care about climate you only have to be a human living on this planet and most of us are that.

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Scientist

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