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Women care more about the climate crisis than men by a large percentage here in Canada.* They also express a lack of confidence when it comes to their climate knowledge,** despite knowing just as much as men. And so we wanted to create a course that would help grow confidence, and turn it into meaningful, powerful action.

Talk Climate to Me was born out of a desire to share information in a manner that is community-based and collaborative. We know that people trust the friends and influencers in their community for important information. This program is about giving women the tools to understand the crisis, share useful information, and unleash the power of social contagion. Project Neutral, a project of MakeWay’s shared platform, has set out to bring this experience to women across Canada.

We have been strongly influenced by Potential Energy Coalition, and their work on Science Moms and Vote Like a Madre, two amazing public education campaigns that sought to mobilize moms for the climate. This project would also not be possible without support from Environment and Climate Change Canada through the Government of Canada Climate Action and Awareness (CAAF) fund.

Climate change is here. And later is too late. We want to protect this beautiful planet for our children. TCTM shows you how!

*UNDP Poll 2021
** Yale Climate Comms

This is what we strive for

Our Mission

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To bring climate literacy to a large population of Canadian women, with the goal of catalyzing further climate awareness and action.

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To provide information in a trusted, team-based, collaborative, accessible fashion.

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To motivate women to participate in the climate conversation, and take climate action.

This is what we strive for
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What a magnificent thing to be alive at a moment that matters so much.

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

Author, strategist, and teacher

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